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                    TECHNICAL DATA

                    SANCHOW RELEASE AGENT




                    SANCHOW release agent is the product of Sanchow Chemicals Co., Ltd for use in the molding of unsaturated polyester resins and vinylester resins.

                    SANCHOW release agent is primarily recommended as internal release additive for use in those types of molding operations where external heat is applied during the curing cycle and are not recommended generally for room temperature curing systems.

                    SANCHOW release agent is incorporated directly into the resin eliminating the need for an external mold release agent, improving resin flow and line speeds, reducing release agent cost on a utility basis when compared with other, more conventional internal release agents. An effective addition of SANCHOW release agent will not have any adverse affect on the curing and cured resin. It will not interfere with secondary operations such as decorating, silk screen printing, painting, bonding or plating. It can also protect ferrous metal molds from corrosion during storage. It is especially effective when used in low shrink polyester or vinylester resins which produce exceptionally smooth surfaces when cast.


                    Chemical Composition

                    Proprietary synergistic blend of organic fatty acids and esters and amine neutralizing agent

                    Effective Ingredients


                    Physical Appearance

                    Amber liquid


                    ammoniacal odor


                    0.960g/ml @25C


                    100~200cps @25C

                    PH, 1% in deionized water

                    4~5 @25C

                    Flash Point

                    Non Flammable


                    Miscible with UP and VE resins

                    Shelf Life

                    Minimum of one year





                    All information given by us about our products is based upon our tests and experience. It is intended for use by persons having technical skill at their own discretion and risk, and we assume no liability in connection with their use.




                    General: For best results, laboratory tests or pre-production trials should determine the optimum addition level. SANCHOW release agent is effective with a range of 0.5 to 1.5 parts per 100 resin by weight, excluding reinforcements, pigments and fillers. High amount of filler may require a higher percentage of internal release than the indicated maximum.

                    Mixing: Mix into resin prior to addition of catalysts, fillers, and other resin additives.

                    PERSONAL SAFETY AND FIRST AID   

                    Health Hazards: MR-2048 causes burns to the eyes and skin. Undiluted, it is corrosive to rabbit skin. It has a low acute oral toxicity.

                    Safety Precautions: Do not get it in the eyes or on the skin. Use rubber gloves and adequate eye protection.   

                    First Aid: In case of contact, flush the eyes or skin immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Call a physician. Wash clothing before reuse.

                    STORAGE AND HANDLING

                    It should be stored in a cool dry place and kept closed to prevent contamination.



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